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Why Your Skin Needs Oil

You might not know this but your skin is starving for moisture. Considering those little puddles of shine as proof and it’s way of telling you,  you missed a spot. Don’t freak out, but your skin is doing what it’s suppose to do. It’s using a special built in moisturizer, customized for you, named Sebum.

Ever notice how your hair becomes oily if you leave it unwashed for few days? That’s sebum. Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands. Its main purpose is to make the skin and hair waterproof, protecting them from drying out. If you take sebum and mix it with sloughed skin cells, you’ll get the waxy vernix caseosa that covers and protects newborn babies. Without this coating, babies would come out of the womb (looking like Benjamin Button) very wrinkled from the water world environment in the womb.


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