Recipes & Products for Healthy Skin


My name is Jeaneen and I’m the author of the Skincare Cookbook; recipes for the healthy skin. I originally started this blog to share my tips and tricks with some of my close girl friends until I realized that we’re all looking for that fountain of youth; the key to beautiful healthy skin. Since I had invested so much of my time and energy into researching the solution to my own problems (and successes) I decided to share the best of my findings with everyone, hence, Skincare Cookbook was born.

My journey has had its ups and downs, but mostly downs. My acne is a mix of my diet, stress and genetics. I suffer from annoying and embarrassing acne so bad that nothing over the counter or sold on TV works; well nothing until I discovered how to take care of my skin by either selecting the right products for my skin type or mixing natural and organic materials to make some of my own. Slowly but surely my acne is going away while my skin and pores are improving (hooray!). It continues to be a long on going process but I’m optimistic I’ll get it, finally, under control.

If you find my blog helpful, please pass it on :0)

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